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Ginseng is a short, perennial plant of the Araliaceae botanical family. It grows naturally on the slopes of ravines and shady, well drained mountainous hardwood forests mostly in the Northern Hemisphese in eastern Asia like northern China, Korea and eastern Siberia. American ginseng was "discovered" in North America by a French Jesuit missionary named Father Joseph Francis Lafitau in 1716 near Montreal, Canada and he had heard of this wondrous plant through the writings of another Jesuit priest, Father Jartoux, who had observed the use of Asian ginseng in Manchuria, province of China. As such, ginseng is basically obtained from two regions and commonly known as Asiatic Ginseng (Korea & China) and America Ginseng.

Regardless whether it is Asiatic Ginseng (Korea and China) or America Ginseng, both herbalists had given ginseng as one of the most highly respected herb since ancient times and term it as one of the nature’s greatest gift. It is also believing ginseng strengthens the heart and nervous system, builds general mental and physical vitality and resistance to disease by strengthening and stimulating the endocrine glands that control all basic physiological processes including the metabolism of vitamins and minerals as well as normalizes the level of arterial pressure and is effective in the treatment of both hypertension and hypotension.

In today’s modern world, ginseng is available commercially in many different forms and way of usage. One of the most common usages is incorporated into cooking and teas and part of ginseng being used are whole ginseng root, ginseng tea cut, and ginseng slices. Not just that, ginseng also being made into cosmetic products for treating wrinkles and aged skin.

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